Lucia Gómez




My paintings express metaphysical symbolism and shamanic themes derived from many cultures, including those of Central and South America, Australia, and the Far East.

Forms flow without much planning, giving way to imagined spaces, caves and labyrinths full of mystery and color that emerge from a state of mental relaxation. Geometric forms and archetypal symbols lead my search for deeper knowledge.

In the series, “Secret Passages,” “Ritual,” and “Ancestral” static figures, depicted through subtle marks and sudden blobs of color, are introduced into the paintings, representing the ancestors from each setting, who are simply involved in the act of observing.

In the series “Elemental Fragments”, “The Magic of the Forms”, and “Terra Incognita”, archetypal symbolism is used as a magical component of my work process that continuously opens unlimited possibilities of expression. In turn, this symbolism offersviewers the possibility of observing, asking them to bring to each paintingtheir own experiences, perceptions, interpretations, impressions and conclusions.





© Lucia Gómez Delgado - 2017